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Thai Model

“Peoi – Panvard” was born in Dec.28, 1979. She formally commenced her career in this circle from “Dutchy’s Girl Contest 2002” with the position of the first runner-up. She had starred in many of TV drama as “Krai Gum Nod” (Who do the decision?), “Suriyan-Chandra” (Sun and Moon), “Muang Da Lah” (City of Da Lah), “So Saneha” (Erotic Chain), “Khun Chai Transistor” (Lord of Transistor), “Plaeng Pah Fah Lom Dow” (Clothes Music – Sky Covers Stars), “Plerng Payu” (Fire Storm) and finally in “Roy Ardeet Hang Ruk” (Past Tracks of Love).
It included with a role of A-GO-GO girl in Hollywood movie “Big Hit in Bangkok” that made her turning back to play sexier than before and was already branded as a “Sex Bomb” of Thai entertainment circle. At one time she had been on a cat-walk at the Central World Complex she refused for any press interviews and asked security guards for locking all of the hall’s doors that made Entertainment Correspondent Association of Thailand boycott all of her movements.

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